Artiste Titre Label Catalogue #
Wink Higher State of Conciousness Strictly Rhythm SR12321
Mark Ruff Ryder Joy Strictly Underground
Dan Curtin Deception Sublime SBLLP002
George Kranz Din Daa Daa Submarine SUB 37025
Drexciya The Quest Submerge SVE-7
Laidback Luke Fat Cap EP Subspace SUB 005
Amber Sexual Substance SUBS2T
Justin Tewn and Hunter AD Science of Industry Subtitled SUBT-319
Jean Phillipe Aviance Ride A Rocket / Useless Subversive SUB 88T
Jean Phillipe Aviance Useless (Sharp Raxor rmx) Subversive SUB52T
Voice Stealer Electromotive Force Subvert VERT 002
V/A Suck Mix Suck Me Plasma SUCK MIX 1
Grand Master Flash White Lines Sugar Hill
Grandmaster Flash Freedom Sugar Hill SH-549
Sugar Hill Gang, GM Flash & Others Street Beats v 2 Sugar Hill
Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight Sugar Hill SH 542
V/A Greatest Rap Hits Vol. 4 Sugar Hill SH 9135
Newcleus Jam On It SunnyView SUN 449
Bryan Zentz Art of Speculation Superbra SUPER 005
Steve Bug Bride and Bridegroom Superstition Superstition 2037
ADNY We are Svek Svek SK 015
James Barth High Society Svek SK 014
Torske Sexy Disco Svek SK036